Bring your idea for a product to life with the help of our expert 3D designers.

1. Consultation

Not sure where to start? Give us a call and talk with our expert design team and discuss project goals, design inspiration, and materials.

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2. Design it

Work with a 3d modeler, provide feedback, and see your project come to life.

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3. Ready to manufacture

We deliver a 3D file and a 3D printed prototype of your design you can use to start testing your product.
Use any of our manufacturing technologies to go for mass production and market launch.

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Real customer projects

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Smart Home device

Design Cost: ₹9999

A 2-week project to create a smart home device based on specific measurements and functionality. Built to spec for SLS PA12 and SLA Clear plastic.

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Custom ring

Design Cost: ₹4999

A 1-week project for a ring based on a quick sketch and inspirational images. Designed for manufacture in Metal, later polished in Gold or Silver.

Architecture Presentation

Design Cost: ₹24999

A 4-week project to update a building model for a client presentation. Ready to print in SLS Nylon.

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From start to finish, we are the experts.

Design guidance

Have an idea that needs definition? Our design team understands the ins-and-outs of 3D modeling and will answer all of your questions.

3D modeling

From simple file fixes to products that need to adhere to precise measurements, we have you covered.

Design for manufacturing

We have experience designing for 30+ materials and can help you move from prototype to full-scale production.

Start by choosing a project category:

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FROM ₹1999

Create your own custom accessories and company swag.

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Precision Part

FROM ₹2999

Design a product or part to build your prototype.

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FROM ₹9999

Turn your sketches and blueprints into a 3D printable model.


Unlimited design iterations

Updates during the design process where you can give feedback.

Ownership of 3D file(s)

Ownership of the final file(s).

Printability guarantee

Print with Shapefy and we guarantee it will print in your material of choice.

*cost of 3D printing is not included

For all other categories

FROM ₹1999

Have a project that doesn’t fit in any of our categories?
Don’t worry, we've got expert designers who can take on
any project.

Ready to start? We’re here to help.

Initial consultation

We’ll help you define your project goals, answer questions, and decide how to move forward.

Access to experts

Communicate with our design team through mail or directly give us a call.

Material advice

Get advice on which of our 30+ materials work best for your design.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, in most cases we’ll be a good match. We have experience in a wide range of projects and will work with you to figure out how to accomplish your goals during our initial consultation.

The cost of your project is based on a variety of factors that are unique to your project. After you send your query, we’ll help you define your project goals, answer questions, and decide how to move forward.

Most projects end up costing between ₹1999 and ₹59999.

Absolutely! Our design team has experience with all kinds of projects. Tell us the category that makes the most sense to you to get started, it’s ok if you pick the wrong one.

No, printing cost is not included with your design services package.

Every project is unique and the timeline can be affected by many factors, including how much time you’ll need to review design files that we deliver to you. Most projects complete within 3 days to 6 weeks.