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We'll match you with one of our vetted suppliers through our complete requirement analysis and vendor capability matching.

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Get quote in under 4 hours along with manufacturability feedback and design recommendations to reduce costs.

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Quality Assurance

Inspection reports are included with each order. Full dimensional report and material certifications are available upon request.

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Rapid design molds

Production grade parts as fast as 4 weeks, for quantities of 1 - 10k units.

  • No minimum order quantities

  • Free manufacturability feedback

  • aluminum & P20/NAK80 steel tools

  • Master Unit Die (MUD)

Production tooling

Production grade parts as fast 6 weeks, for volume quantities of 10k - 500k units

  • Free manufacturability feedback, pre-order

  • P20, H13, S7, NAK80, SS420 steel tools

  • Family & multi-cavity tooling

Specialized processes
  • Insert Molding

  • Overmolding (rigid + elastomer)

  • Compression molding

Post processing
  • Hardware installation (e.g. heat staked inserts, ultrasonically welded inserts)

  • Pad printing

  • Silk screening

  • Painting

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Light assembly

  • Protective Packaging/film

Injection Molding Materials

We offer any commercially available injection molding material, including:



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Common thermoplastic with high impact resistance, low-cost & low density. Vulnerable to solvents.
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Nylon (PA 6)
Engineering thermoplastic with excellent mechanical properties and high chemical & abrasion resistance. Susceptible to moisture.
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Blend of two thermoplastics resulting in high impact strength, excellent thermal stability, and high stiffness. Vulnerable to solvents.
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Polyurethane (PU)
Thermoplastic with high impact strength and good mechanical properties & hardness. Suitable for molding parts with thick walls.
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Polypropylene (PP)
The most common Injection molding plastic. Excellent chemical resistance. Food-safe grades available. Not suitable for mechanical applications.

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Glossy Surface, Diamond Buff Polish
  • SPI A-1 - 6000 grit diamond buff

  • SPI A-2 - 3000 grit diamond buff

  • SPI A-3 - 1200 grit diamond buff

Semi-gloss Surface, Paper Polish
  • SPI B-1 - 600 grit paper

  • SPI B-2 - 400 grit paper

  • SPI B-3 - 320 grit paper

Matte Surface, Stone Polish
  • SPI C-1 - 600 grit stone

  • SPI C-2 - 400 grit stone

  • SPI C-3 - 320 grit stone

Textured Finish, Dry Blast Polish
  • SPI D-1 - 600 grit, dry blast glass bead #11

  • SPI D-2 - 400 grit, dry blast #240 oxide

  • SPI D-3 - 320 grit, dry blast #24 oxide

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  • Mold-tech equivalent textures

  • Pantone color matching

  • RAL color matching

  • Physical sample color matching

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